As professional handlers we know, that when working with a dog in operational settings, leash is the most important piece of equipment. It has to feel right and the materials has to be best quality. In the end, it all comes down to the design. Your equipment has to serve a purpose. For example tracking with a grip leash is a nightmare. The leash grabs on to everything on it’s way. Or when doing building searches, your climbing rope leash gets stuck under every door and it’s a pita to carry around due the weight and bulk.

That’s why we wanted to design and make our own leashes. No nonsense, just minimalistic and light, well designed products with robust materials for real work. All our leashes are handler designed, tested and used in real life operations. The leashes are made in Finland from finest European materials. Webbings are mil-spec and we use only the legendary Herm Sprenger snap hooks on our leashes.


Handler Designed

Our leashes are designed for all serious handlers by us, handlers also. Designs are based on real life experiences – good and bad.

Top Quality

Our leashes are made from best European materials. Thanks to Herm Sprenger’s long history, your new leash will not break.

Affordable Price

Our leashes are minimalistic. No tacticool nonsense added. We know that many of you pros buy your leashes with own money.